The word "gospel" very simply means, "good news." The content of the good news is a message from the Creator God and therefore it is vitally necessary that every person hear this declaration. 

From God's Word we lean that at the heart of the gospel are the answers to four crucial questions that we should all consider. The questions are:

1. Who made us, and to whom are we accountable?

2. What is our problem? In other words, are we in trouble and why?

3. What is God's solution to that problem? How has he acted to save us from it?

4. How do I - myself, right here, right now - how do I come to be included in that salvation? What makes this good news for me and not just for someone else?

To help you think through these questions and God's answers from his Word, we offer a link to a multimedia presentation of this good news from Matthias Media entitled, Two Ways To Live. It is our hope that this presentation will answer some of the most important questions about what the good news from God is all about.

If you have questions or just want to talk to someone after you go through the presentation Two Ways To Live feel free to come back here and submit your questions from our contact link.